Instructions for Installing Led Door Projector Lights
The general steps are the same for most cars, though some details may vary. Installing Led Door Projector lights is not very difficult. It’s just important to take note of what tools and equipment are needed, and to be careful with each step of the installation and wiring connections. Turn off the Dome light power.
To conserve battery power and keep the dome lights from staying on during installation, use a screwdriver to lock in the door lock mechanism. This is generally found on the side of the door. Or on some vehicles a pin type switch can be taped not to trigger the lights. You can also easily remove the fuse from the circuit panel. This will effectively keep the dome lights from staying on when the door is open during the installation procedure. Remove the Door Panel
Put on safety goggles and protective gloves prior to beginning. The next step in installing Led Door Projector lights is always to remove the door panel. The exact method varies from car to car, but usually involves first removing the trim, door handle, window roller, etc. Then begin removing all screws with an appropriately sized screwdriver. When all the attachment screws have been removed. You can release the plastic clips by gently pulling, and the door panel should be able to be removed. Check behind the door panel for any additional fasteners, if it does not come loose. Unplug all wires or wiring harnesses to remove the door panel completely from the door.

Buy Valium Cheap Online Drill a mounting hole for the Led Door Projector Light
Choose a spot for the Led Door Projector light in the bottom of the door panel that’s facing the ground. Ideally this location should be flat and centered near the middle of the door panel. You can use a 9V battery for power to find the best position for the logo to project on the ground when the vehicle door is open. Using a cordless drill and the included 3/4 drill bit, drill a hole at the position you have chosen for mounting. Set the Led Door Projector Light into the mounting hole
Set the Led Door Projector light into the hole that’s just been drilled. Then secure the light by tightening the mounting ring. Note: that these Led Door Projector lights come with a set screw to prevent the mounting ring from coming loose. You can also add a dab of clear silicone to secure it.

Buy Loose Diazepam Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery Wiring instruction the Led Door Projector Light

Wire the Led Door Projector light into the existing wires in the door panel for power. Black is Negative 12V, and Red is positive 12V. Remove the insulation covering the wires with a pliers or sharp knife. Once the insulation has been pushed back, split the wires apart. Then strip the rubber off the two wires so that the copper metal is showing. Do the same thing with the wires on the Led Door Projector Light. Then twist the logo light wires onto the car doors wires by wrapping it around. Use a solder gun to make the best connection. Then use electrical tape to cover the exposed wiring and waterproof it. Note: if there are no wires in the door that are triggered on-off with the door opening and closing. You need to run a wire from your dome light trigger switch, or directly to the dome light in the ceiling for power. Note: The Led Door Projector light must go on and off with the dome lights. The lights can not stay on for more than 5 minutes, or the image will overheat and turn white. Buy Alprazolam In Mexico Note: Our No-Fade Glass Led Door Projector lights can stay on for up to 24 hours without overheating or fading.

Cheap Alprazolam Test the Led Door Projector Light Open the door and trigger the dome light and test to see if the Led Door Projector light comes on with the rest of the dome lights when the door is opened. If it does, then everything is working properly and it’s time to reinstall the door panel back into place. Reinstall all wiring and harness plugs that were removed. Position the door panel back into place and push to snap in the mounting clips. Check to see that no wires are hanging out from the door panel. Then reinstall all screws and clips that were removed. Check to make sure all the switches and lights are working as they did before. Repeat the same process for the opposite door if desired. You can install Led Door Projector lights into only the driver and passenger doors. Or you can install them into all 4 doors front and rear by using 2 sets of Led Door Projectors. Read all the instructions before you begin. Contact us if you have any questions. Our internet sales department. Ph: 773-583-3770

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