Instructions for Installing Ghost Shadow Lights
The general steps are the same for every car, though some details may vary. Installing ghost
shadow lights isn’t too tough. It’s just important to take note of what materials and equipment
are needed, and to be careful with each step.

Turn off the Power Light
To conserve energy and keep the power light from running out during installation, use
a screwdriver to lock in the door lock mechanism. This is generally found on the side of the
door. This will effectively keep the power light from coming on when the door is open.

Remove the Door Panel
Put on safety goggles and protective gloves prior to beginning. The next step in installing ghost
shadow lights is always to remove the door panel. The exact method varies from car to car, but
usually involves first removing the trim (handle, window roller, etc), then removing screws with
an appropriately sized screwdriver. Lastly, unlatch the pop clips by gently pulling, and the door
panel should be able to be removed.

Drill a Hole for the Ghost Shadow Light
Choose a spot for the logo light in the bottom of the door panel that’s facing the ground.
Ideally, this location should be flat. Using a cordless drilland compatible drill bit, establish a hole
the same diameter as the ghost shadow light’s lens. To ensure the diameter is the same,
measure the drill bit and lens diameter before drilling. For example, a one-inch drill bit could be
needed. Wipe off any excess debris before continuing.

Set the Ghost Shadow Light into the Hole
Get the courtesy light (ghost shadow light). Set it into the hole that’s just been drilled, then
secure the light into the location by tightening the screws. Note that these courtesy lights
typically come with retaining screws to secure the light; these will hold the light into place.
Wire the Ghost Shadow Light into the Door Light

Tap into the existing wires in the door panel to light up the ghost shadow light. Remove the
insulation tape covering the wires with a screwdriver or craft knife. Once the insulation tape
has been pushed back, split the wires apart. Then take the wire cutter and strip the rubber off
the two wires so that the interior copper metal is showing; do this same thing with the wires on
the light. Then, tie the logo light wire into the car door’s two light wires by wrapping it around
the two wires gently.

Test the Ghost Shadow Light

First, turn on the power light and then test to see if the courtesy light comes on with the rest of
the lights when the door is opened. If it does, it’s time to cover the wires with electrical tape.
Reinstall the Door Panel
Reinstall the door panel and lock in the pop clips, but wait to use the screwdriver. If any extra
wire is hanging below the door, slip it up inside the door panel. Check to make sure all the
buttons and lights are working as they should, and then screw the door panel back in securely.
Repeat the Process for Other Doors
If desired, install a ghost shadow light on the opposite door. Many believe an even number
(two or four) of ghost shadow lights looks best.