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If you’re looking for a variety of music options for your daily commute or your next road trip, the Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio is your answer. Enjoy music CD’s, Pandora, iPod, iPhone and easy to use hands-free calling with Bluetooth audio streaming.

Below are some of the features for the Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio.

Control iPhone® Pandora® from your Dash

Bring more enjoyment to your daily drive with music that you love, while at the same time, discovering new music that you like! With the Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio, there is no need to interact with your iPhone because the Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio is a dedicated receiver that provides seamless control of your iPhone and plays Pandora over your in-vehicle audio system. Enjoy easy operation of your favorite Pandora channels with the large Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down buttons directly on the faceplate, QuickSearch features, and even the ability to create a new Pandora station on the go. The Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio meets the specifications for “Made for iPhone” and “Works with iPhone” compatibility and is exclusively engineered with PandoraLink® to deliver a superior Pandora experience inside your car.

This is the Alpine CDE136BT Side

Connect your iPod or iPhone using the USB cable that came with your iPod or iPhone and you’ve got access to all your music, right from your Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio.

Built-in Bluetooth Technology

Don’t fuss or fiddle with your phone and say goodbye to uncomfortable headsets and earpieces. Most importantly, stay focused on safe driving. Many state laws require you to use a hands-free device if you are driving behind the wheel, and with good reason. The perfect way to stay safe and still carry conversations in the car is with the use of a hands-free device. Get the convenience of both in the Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio! The Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology so there is no need for any additional adapters.
This is the Alpine CDE-136BT Front
With Alpine, expect the premium sound your ears deserve. This Alpine CDE-136BT Bluetooth CD Radio head unit allows you to customize your crossover adjustments so you can control where you send high and low frequencies, so you get the best sound out of your factory or upgraded system.

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