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Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights

Chicago Bulls Door Projector Puddle Logo LED Lights

These Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights add a nice touch to any fan’s vehicle! The Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights are powered with a 5W Cree LED bulb.

Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights

Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights

The Chicago Bulls Puddle Logo Lights are operated when you open your vehicles doors. Besides these lights adding extra unique touch to your vehicle, they also add another form of a light source so you can see where you’re stepping onto when getting out of your vehicle at night.

These lights are powered by a 5W Cree LED Bulb that lasts for 50, 000 continuous hours and are completely waterproof! The lights also are 12v, which there is no need for any additional converters.


This DIY kit can easily be installed within 2-3 hours. The kit comes with a detailed instruction card that gives you step-by-step instructions. We do recommend professional installation, especially when it comes to your vehicles wiring.

We offer numerous different logos and we can custom create your own!

If you’re interested in having a custom designed kit for your vehicle, please call 773-583-3770 and speak to any of our specialists.

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