Custom Sub Enclosures & Car Audio Shops in Chicago

Custom Rockford Fosgate Sub Sound System Enclosures Custom Sub Enclosures & Car Audio Shops in Chicago all start with Mr. Kustom! With over 30 years of experience in the Custom Sub Enclosure and Car Audio, there is nothing that we can’t build for you!

Custom Sub Enclosures & Car Audio Shops in Chicago

Custom Sub Enclosures can turn a ordinary space into something that people can’t stop talking about! Why stop on the outside of the vehicle when you can continue the beauty to the powerful bass area of your vehicle? Have your dream custom sub enclosure built by the best and well experienced car audio shop in Chicago.

Custom Sub Enclosures Rockford Fosgate

The above image shows a custom sub enclosure utilizing one of the best manufacturers in the car audio business, Rockford Fosgate!

Check Out The Full Gallery Of The Rockford Fosgate Custom Sub Enclosure Here

We offer numerous different packages of custom fabricated sub enclosures. Mr. Kustom in Chicago can build any type of custom sub enclosures ranging from fiberglass, plexiglass and other materials. Have different options like suede, leather, airbrushing and more. Besides just making a car audio sub enclosure, it has to be well ventilated to give you the most out of the subs that are being housed in the enclosure. With proper air flow, the sub enclosure really sounds great as it produces a sound unlike no other!

Buying Tramadol Uk 2011 Camaro SS Custom Sub Enclosure Sound System Enclosures can have other options like LED Lighting that can change colors to the sound of the music, monitors to watch the video of the song playing and much more!

Watch The Video Of The Camaro SS Custom Sub Enclosure Below

Online Tramadol Australia If you’re interested in having a custom sub enclosure or any car audio installed into your vehicle, please call 773-583-3770 and speak to any of our qualified specialists.

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