Door Projector Lights

Door Projector Lights Mustang Cobra

Door Projector Lights have become a hot product to customize your car or truck and not have it to over the top. We carry over 100’s of different logos for the Door Projector Lights.

Door Projector Lights – Puddle Logo Lights – Ghost Lights

Whatever you’d like to call it, the Door Projector Lights add a unique look to your vehicle. Simply open your vehicle’s doors and shine the logo of your choice on the ground. Besides having the added uniqueness to your car or truck, you’ll add another form of a brighter puddle light so you see where you’re stepping onto in the dark of night.

Door Projector Lights Mustang Cobra

Our Door Projector Lights are easily installed into your 12v wiring of your vehicle. No need for additional power supplies! These lights shine bright with a 5W Cree Technology LED Light bulb.

Our lights come with everything needed to install this kit on your own. Besides being packaged in a beautifully designed gift box, they also include the hole-saw drill bit that is needed to drill the hole for the projector cylinder, wiring and a instruction card.

With this DIY Door Projector Kit, you can have heads turn when you open your car or trucks door’s.

Besides our stock logos, we also offer custom logo design. With custom Door Projector Lights, you can stand out from the rest with your own unique design.

If you’re interested in a custom logo, please email our support department your logo of choice and any questions you may have. You can email us at

Below is a video of our Door Projector Lights.

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