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https://jmeinsurance.com/h0fp7d27e0 DUB Wheels and Rims produces rims in more sizes for more vehicles than any other brand. From elegant luxury imports to stout domestic trucks, DUB Wheels and Rims offers quality wheels and rims that will make jaws drop as you pass by. Upscale design solutions accompanied by exquisiteness and verve, that’s what DUB Wheels and Rims brings to the artistic side of the equation. For the enthusiasts who take the word “custom” seriously, DUB delivers a three-piece design option to allow customers to mix and match colors. Built using CNC machining equipment, DUB rims ensure precise fit and unrivaled durability.

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http://livinginmalta.com/uncategorized/7evpjrhne All DUB Wheels and Rims are crafted from alloys of supreme durability. When the artistic design of a new DUB Wheels and Rims is developed, it is computerized for measurements and bolt pattern of your exact vehicle. After all the measurements are calibrated, the wheel is ready to be formed. The material is melted down, injected into a mold, and cooled. After the initial stage is finished, the wheels are trimmed and inspected for any imperfections. To ensure that all DUB Wheels and Rims are strong and durable, they are heat treated in a special oven. Finally, the rims are given the finish. After the final inspection is made, DUB Wheels and Rims are ready to be shipped out.

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