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Upgrading to a HID Headlight Kit will instantly make you a better driver by increasing your visibility at night. Projecting a brighter light further out and also broadening your peripheral coverage not only presents things you normally wouldn’t see, but it increases the amount of reaction time you have. The sooner you notice potential hazards in the road, the sooner you can react.

HID Headlights

HID Headlight Kit bulbs house a gas that is charged by electrodes and thus creates the unique light and unparalleled technology. Though L.E.D. lighting is state of the art as well, it pales in comparison to the amount of range and lighting options HID provides.

Increasing the reliability and visibility was impossible to do with the old technology of the halogen bulbs. Increasing the power going to these bulbs did yield more visibility, but the output was only temporary as the technology was not designed to handle more power than what was within the range for that bulb.

HID Comparison

The new HID Headlight Kit is technology not only gives drivers the opportunity to drive at night with confidence they’ve never had behind the wheel, these HID bulbs last up to 10x longer than other halogens. Visibility comparisons in side by side snap shots consistently show up to 70% more coverage than the dated technology of halogen lighting. HIDs are brighter, last longer and even give you some flexibility in terms of the color that is emitted from the headlamps. No other advanced technology in the aftermarket can rival the state of the art characteristics of HID Lighting.

Dodge Charger HID Kit

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