HID Xenon CANBUS Conversion Kit is The Best HID Kit on The Market

HID Xenon CANBUS Kit provides 3x brighter illumination than halogen lighting for automotive headlight and fog light applications.


A HID Xenon CANBUS Kit converts standard halogen bulb applications to complete HID Xenon applications. This HID Xenon CANBUS Kit is the highest quality HID conversion kit on the market today!

HID Xenon CANBUS Digital Ballast Kit

Many companies offer less inexpensive HID Kits, but they tend to not be compatible with certain vehicles and stop working after a short period of time. There is also times when they overheat and cause electrical malfunction with your vehicles wiring. When this happens, that HID Kit that was such a great deal, just cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle.

(The image below shows a poor quality conversion component)

Inexpensive HID Xenon Kit

The HID Xenon CANBUS Conversion Kit Key Features:

  • OEM Quality Xenon HID Bulbs
  • Plug & Play System
  • Converts standard halogen bulb applications to complete HID applications
  • Applicable to all car and motorcycle applications both foreign & domestic
  • Quick Snap Waterproof Connectors
  • 35% less power consumption than standard halogen
  • Advanced German Digital Chip Process used in ballasts
  • 3x visibility for safer night driving than halogen lighting

Give your vehicle that luxurious high end vehicle look at night time driving with the added safety of visibility.

Choose either 5000K or 8000K Color (See image below)

HID Xenon CanBus Color Lights

The HID Conversion Kit Includes:

  • (2) HID Xenon Bulbs
  • (2) HID CANBUS Ballasts
  • All wiring required for Plug & Play Installation
  • All ballast mounting hardware
  • Installation Instructions

This kit is 35w which doesn’t get as hot as the 55w kit.

*Look up your vehicle here to see which kit works*

*This product is recommended to be installed by a professional technician or it can cause damage to your vehicle, creating electrical issues or possibly create a fire hazard in your vehicle. Please consult a professional technician for installation. This product is for Off-Road Use Only

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