Honda recalls the CR-V and the CR-Z for fixes

By: Dale Jewett
Honda is recalling CR-V crossovers to fix a window switch that could start a fir, and the CR-Z hybrid with manual transmissions to make a change to the powertrain software.

Buy Valium Boots The recalls are part of a global recall of nearly 960,000 vehicles, including the Honda Fit, for problems with the window switch and the hybrid powertrain.

Buy Xanax 3Mg The recall for the CR-V covers 80,111 crossovers from the 2006 model year. Honda says residue from cleaners can build up on the power-window master switch. The buildup can damage the electrical contacts in the switch and lead to a fire.

Buy Indian Alprazolam The CR-Z recall covers 5,626 cars from the 2011 model year, all with manual transmissions. Honda says if the engine stalls with the hybrid battery at low charge and the transmission in gear, the vehicle might unexpectedly roll in the opposite direction. If the transmission is in reverse, the vehicle will roll forward. If the transmission is in a forward gear, the vehicle will roll backward.

Order Valium Next Day Delivery Honda says a software update will correct the problem. The automaker says it will send notices to affected car owners in late September. Visit for more information.

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