Leather Seat, Interiors and Headrest Embroidery

Mr Kustom Chicago offers custom headrest and leather embroidery stitching with many different colors of threads available. We can embroider your headrests or seat covers in a single color with any type of design. We can also offer you a multicolor embroidery design with up to 15 different colors of threads stitched at the same time. Our precision embroidery machines can reproduce any logo or design of your choice. Click here to order them or call us at 773-583-3770 with any questions you may have.

Custom Headrest Projects

10 thoughts on “Leather Seat, Interiors and Headrest Embroidery

  1. Mrs Davis says:

    Good morning, I would love for your company to embroider my car head rest. Where are you located or how can I get your service for my car if not in the same state? Thanks.

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