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Completely eliminate your ignition key switch and the hassles associated with using a key! Push To Start Ignition conversion brings the highest level of security and convenience to the aftermarket world using keyless technology similar to that found on high-end OEM’s like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Corvette.

This is the Nissan Push To Start Button

How Does It Work? Glad you asked!

Walk to the vehicle with the Push To Start Ignition key fob in your pocket (or purse, ladies) and when in range, your security system is disarmed, the doors unlock, and the ignition system becomes active. The range of Push To Start Ignition RFID is approximately 8 feet (depending on the antenna location).

Slide behind the wheel, depress the brake pedal, and press the start / stop button to engage the motor.

Shutting off the engine is just as hassle-free. Come to a complete stop, depress the brake pedal, push the start / stop button, and the motor stops.

After stopping the engine, the Retained Accessory Power (RAP) keeps accessories like your radio and power windows active until the door is opened or after an elapsed time of 5 minutes.

Walk away and passive arming automatically sets your car alarm so you’ll never forget again.


Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is the new generation of intelligent bi-directional technology and auto electronic alarm systems. It’s a dual-frequency wireless system, combined with code hopping and 64-bit encryption technology to avoid the electronic key from being duplicated and ensure security.

Push To Start Ignition features include:

  • Passive proximity “Smart Key” FOB
  • Bidirectional Passive Keyless:
    Max distance 5-8 ft
  • Manual long-range lock / unlock, trunk release, and panic:
    Max distance 100 ft
  • Door lock / unlock control relays onboard
  • Starter kill
  • Trunk release output
  • Shock sensor
  • 120db siren

Push To Start Ignition is Invisible to Thieves!

With Push To Start Ignition , the ignition cannot be picked because it has no keyholes or slots in which anything can be inserted. From the outside, the system has only a button with a status light.

This is the Hyundai Push To Start Button

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