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If you are looking for the industry’s BEST VALUE in painted Fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers, you’ve come to the right place. Ranch Fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Cover Lids is proud to offer a variety of Painted Fiberglass Toppers and Lids for you to choose from.

The Ranch Echo is the economy line topper that is designed to provide affordable, lockable, whether resistant storage for your truck. It fit’s tight and looks great.

This is the Ranch Echo Truck Cap

The Ranch Premier is the Premium Cab hi topper. This unit is designed to enhance the looks of your truck while securing, and sealing your truck bed. Soft curves and sleek angles attribute to the overall feel of the finished product. The Ranch Premier is the right look at the right price.

This is the Ranch Premier Truck Cap

The Ranch Magnum is built with the working person in mind. It’s convenient tool boxes and extra secure side and rear doors are perfect to keep your tools and equipment dry, secure, and organized. The standard ladder rack holds 250lbs and can be adjusted to better fit your needs. If you’re hard working person with a hard working truck, the Ranch Magnum is a sure fit for you.

This is the Magnum Truck Cap

The Ranch Legacy is the impressive style lined fiberglass lid. This painted fiberglass cover has a little extra styling to catch your eye. With the triple seal system and 1200 lb tested rotary latches the Ranch Legacy is sure to have your tonneau needs covered.

This is the Ranch Legacy Lid

The Ranch SportWrap is the low profile smooth top fiberglass lid. This lid looks fantastic, seals great, and is extremely secure. If you’re looking for a sleek fit and a smooth look, the Ranch SportWrap has what you need.

This is the Ranch Sportwrap Lid

Contact us today to have a Ranch Fiberglass Truck Caps or Tonneau Cover Lids installed on your car or truck! Other models are available. Please speak to your salesman today.

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