Rear View Mirror Navigation BackUp Camera System


The Rear View Mirror Navigation BackUp Camera System is a replacement mirror housing that includes a state-of-the-art, full featured touch screen navigation system.

Rear View Mirror Navigation with Backup Camera

The rear view mirror navigation system with backup camera offers turn-by-turn, voice assisted navigation, handsfree bluetooth speakerphone, access to services by Guidepoint systems, enhanced safety and notification and multiple apps & options.

Rear view Mirror Navigation System

The rear view mirror navigation system eclipses its predecessor with a more robust housing, circuit board and processor to ensure reliable operation. A combination of hardware and touch screen based buttons allow easy ergonomic control of the systems many functions.

What Else is Included?

The unit also comes with a temperature sensor to display the outside temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Connect the Rydeen MINy backup camera and automatically see and view behind the vehicle when it is placed in reverse. The provided bluetooth speakerphone has a built-in mic that helps to minimize noise and deliver a voice clarity unlike no other.

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