Rubber License Plate Frame Front Bumper Protection

Rubber License Plate Frame Heavy Duty The Rubber License Plate Frame offers front bumper protection to your vehicle and rear bumper protection to the vehicle in front of you! With the Rubber License Plate Frame that offers front and rear bumper protection, you’ll have peace of mind on the road.

Rubber License Plate Frame Front Bumper Protection Other so called bumper protection products are a hassle to install and re-install. This protective license plate frame from flexyframe® is a simple, quick and easy installation process. flexyframe® can be installed on all factory license plate mounts or directly to your vehicle enhancing the look and feel of your vehicle. Other bumper protectors are clunky and ugly transforming your car into a hoopty…. Also, you do not have to uninstall flexyframe® like you do with other bumper guards. flexyframe® leaves you feeling safe and sound knowing that you do not have a dangerous piece of plastic illegally floating around the back of your vehicle as you drive. Rubber License Plate Frame Heavy Duty

What is the Rubber License Plate Frame?

A NASA-like rubber that is soft enough to absorb low speed impacts, flexible enough to return to its original shape, and tough enough to do this over and over again! Plus its all weather construction makes flexyframe® virtually indestructible! Instead of just protecting the rear bumper with a pad, guard and/or protector, we decided to go to the “Root” of the problem, the license plate itself! It is the front license plate that is the furthermost thing forward mounted on the front of your car, you don’t believe me! go outside and take a walk down your block, look at the front of every car. The first problem is the front license plate is mounted by metal screws and those screws stick out. We all know what happens when metal contacts paint, just look at your rear bumper. Nicks, scratches, dents and chipping car paint. The first solution: protect the front license plate mounting screws. does this by having a US Patent #625,234 screw caps! How do they work? Simple with the 1, 2, 3 installation of your flexyframe®. Simply lift the screw caps to insert your license plate screws. After, you just let go of the screw cap and there it is. Now your metal mounting screws are protected! Rubber License Plate Frame Installation

Buy Xanax China Next is the second problem: the license plate itself. The front license plate is made from Aluminum, another metal! We all know what happens when metal contacts paint at any speed! flexyframe® does just what the name implies. It frames slightly beyond your license plate and by doing so flexyframe® absorbs the initial impact, preventing damage to both your vehicle and the rear bumper of the other. With the one time installation of flexyframe® to your vehicle you can be rest assured that your protected, 24/7/365.

Buy Alprazolam Canada The third problem: generic, front license plates holders (what you mount your license plate to) are either made from hard plastic or metal. Why should you care about this? Because even if you’re a careful driver and courteous person when you park, others are not! When you’re away from your car anything can happen, especially drivers reversing into your front bumper from parallel parking.

How Does flexyframe Help Me? How will flexyframe® help me now? Because of its US Patent #625,234 design, it wraps your license plate within the flexyframe®. How does this benefit me? It helps prevent what I termed the “popcorn plate holder” which happens when your front license plate holder is struck at low speeds and breaks apart. flexyframe® can prevent this by absorbing and dissipating the impact and not transferring it to your fragile plastic plate holder and not scratching your front bumper paint.


flexyframe® is the result of a comprehensive design along with intuitive functionality. It is one part license plate holder and the other part safety product. Let flexyframe® be the first point of contact for you.

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