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Smoked Headlights, which are precision cut with a computer, are made from our heavy-duty premium 18mil (.46mm) thick material with a clear acrylic adhesive backing for excellent durability and strength! Do not confuse these with ‘overlays’ as most overlays are typically made from 2-3mil vinyl that are designed for signs and provide no real protection to your expensive lights. Our Smoked Headlights helps protect against everyday road hazards that can damage and destroy your vehicle’s very expensive lights, such as gravel, winter road salt/sand, bug stains, and road debris. Smoked Headlights have been used for many years to protect the headlights on racing cars in extreme conditions.

The Camaro Smoked Headlights

The material is removable but you can only apply it once after the adhesive has set. Smoked Headlights are applied in a manner similar to clear bras, tints, and vinyl stickers / graphics. Take a look at your headlights, the more steep angles and bulges they have the more patience will be required to install these adhesive backed protective covers.

This is the Charger Smoked Headlights

Smoked Headlights have been in use for many years to great effect, and now they are available in a range of colors too! Smoked Headlights Standard Smoke headlight covers / tints are as dark as 5% window tint. We also have a 50% Light Smoke for those looking for a subtle smoked look. We also have an even darker Stealth Smoke version which allow just ~20% light transmission and look very dark when installed – great for those looking for the blackout look for their show car or track car that are never runs at night.

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