Truck Conversions in Chicago


Mr. Kustom has been doing truck conversions since the early 80’s. All our truck conversions are carefully designed with the client in mind. We cam convert your truck or Sprinter Van to accommodate your needs. 




Truck Conversions/Sprinter Vans

Truck Conversions (Vans) came into style during the 1970s and 1980s. Early conversions were simply vans with seats put in them. They often had murals painted along the sides, along with custom audio. After the mid 80s, luxurious interiors featuring thickly padded seats, wood trim and luxury lighting began to appear in truck conversions (vans) as families and retirees started using them for road trips and camping. At the same time, both the federal government and vehicle manufacturers began efforts to exert some degree of control on the van conversion industry, demanding that certain safety guidelines be adhered to.


What Kind of Truck Conversions Can We Do?

Mr. Kustom can convert any truck or Mercedes Sprinter Van into a truck conversion you never seen before. We specialize in custom food trucks, mobile offices, mobile living and much more! Conversion vans are originally bare, windowless full-size 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton cargo vans. Such vehicles as the Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana, the Mercedes Sprinter, and the Ford E-Series. Recently, the Ford Transit Connect has been the subject of conversions.

Contact Us About Truck Conversions

Contact us with any inquiries you may have about our Truck Conversions. Let our specialists assist you with designing and build your dream conversion.

What Would Be Your Dream Truck Conversion Package?

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