Z06 Corvette Carbon Fiber Wrap, Halos, Corsa Exhaust, Kooks Headers and more!

Z06 Corvette Carbon Fiber Wrap

This Z06 Corvette had a carbon fiber matte black wrap, Multi Color Halos, Corsa Exhaust, Kooks Headers and more added to it! This was a vehicle that really turns heads as it drives down the street.

Z06 Corvette Carbon Fiber Wrap, Halos, Performance and more!

Jeff Tavis had a vision. A vision to create a unique and eye catching Z06 Corvette that left you no choice but to turn your head and look as it passed you by. A vision to customize his 2007 Chevy Corvette Z06.

Z06 Corvette Carbon Fiber Wrap

After doing some research, Jeff decided to take his Z06 Corvette to Mr. Kustom in Chicago. Mr. Kustom is owned by Richard Korber, and is located just off of the Irving Park exit on the I90/I94 expressway. Richard has been at this location for 35 years, with a 14,000 square foot facility and 10 employees. The team at Mr. Kustom has designed many award winning vehicles throughout the years. Jeff got in contact with the shop and met with 2 of the managers, Joe and Brian. With Jeff describing his vision to Joe and Brian, they all decided on a game plan and got to work. Ultimately, this project spanned a total of 5 days.

Project Build

Jeff wanted to have a little bit of everything done, from exterior work on paint and accents, plus sound and performance. It was very important for them to have the Z06 Corvette completed in a timely manner as Jeff traveled over an hour to reach the shop. Jeff was aiming to get the Z06 Corvette to sound good and perform on the road, not to mention getting attention from those he shares the road with.

Corvette ZO 6Black Diamond Corsa Exhaust Tips

When Jeff brought the Z06 Corvette to Mr. Kustom he had already done some modifications to it, including a K&N Air Filter, Diablo Sport Tuner and a Hurst Short Throw shifter. Joe and Brian took it to the next level and installed Kooks long tube headers and a Corsa Exhaust with Black Diamond Tips. But they didn’t stop there. They wanted to give more accents to the Z06 Corvette, so they added multi-color Halo Lights to the headlights and fog lights. They added a music / remote activated multi-color lighting to the wheel wells, grille and interior. This lighting scheme would surely grab peoples attention at night, along with the loud roar of the performance exhaust system.
[photo_gallery] [image thumb_width=”120″ thumb_height=”120″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Corsa Performance Exhaust” caption=””] http://mrkustom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2007CorvetteZO6CorsaPerformanceExhaust.jpg[/image] [image thumb_width=”120″ thumb_height=”120″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Carbon Fiber Wrap” caption=””] http://mrkustom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2007CorvetteZO6SmokedTailLights.jpg[/image] [image thumb_width=”120″ thumb_height=”120″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Z06 Multi Color Halos” caption=””] http://mrkustom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2007CorvetteZO6KooksLongTubeHeader.jpg[/image] [image thumb_width=”120″ thumb_height=”120″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”Z06 Matte Black Wrap” caption=””] http://mrkustom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2007CorvetteZO6EmblemBadgesPlastiDip.jpg[/image] [/photo_gallery]

Did you know wrapping a vehicle costs less than painting?

For the exterior, they installed a full 3M carbon fiber wrap with 3M matte black on the lower grille and center of hood. This gave a very aggressive look to the vehicle without the added time and cost to paint it. The best part of going with the wrap is if Jeff decides to change up the color, it is very easy to remove and install a new wrap. To complete the project, Joe and Brian installed a PFADT lowering kit. The car was completed at the end of the fifth day, right on time as scheduled and to Jeff’s full satisfaction.

Corvette ZO6 Carbon Fiber Matte Black Wrap

The whole process from start to finish went very smooth. With a shop that had been in business for 35 years, there is no job too big, or a deadline they can’t meet! One of the hardest tasks on this project was the installation of the Multi Color Halo Lights. The installation is a delicate process in that the actual headlights and fog lights need to be separated from the housings in order to install the Halo Lights. Great care also needs to be taken into finishing the installation, as the housings need to be fully resealed without getting any moisture inside.

Corvette ZO6 Red Halo Headlight Rings

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Not to worry, because the guys at Mr. Kustom are pros and handled this with no problem. When Jeff finally saw the results, he was pleased and had a smile from ear to ear. Joe and Brian had a great time working with Jeff on his vehicle and look forward to seeing him again soon for the next project.

You can find Mr. Kustom at www.mrkustom.com or find them on Facebook here.

The article was written by Christoper Chavez of LedFoot News

Article From Ledfoot News:

LEDFoot News Article MrKustom

Below is a video of the Multi Color Halos and LED Lighting before the wrap was applied.

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