$199 September Special On Auto Alarms

Mr. Kustom Installs Remote Car Alarms for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers and more

Most people are unaware that the odds of recovering a stolen vehicle is less than 5%, so it’s important to take preventative measures when protecting your ride. When you have Mr. Kustom install a high-tech car alarm, you can rest assured that your vehicle, its accessories and the people in it are safe and sound.  Mr. Kustom installs top of the line alarms to protect all of your possessions–from your vehicle to the gadgets and toys you have in it. Don’t spend thousands of dollars pimping out your ride with custom bull bars, in-dash navigation, cutting edge HID lights, or anything else you can name just to have it ripped off. Remember, the better your ride looks, the more someone is going to want to make it their own or strip it for its parts.  In order to prevent the unavoidable worry, anxiety, and problems that come along with vehicle theft or defacing, protect your ride with a first-class car alarm and vehicle security system.

Remote car alarms are multipurpose and have a wide range of options that will custom fit any and all your needs.   With the variety of choices today’s consumer has, Mr. Kustom can help you find the perfect car alarm system to fit your vehicle and your budget. Our team will work with you to identify the best car alarm security options for your specific needs. Some of the more popular car alarm options are:

Keyless entry
Remote starters
Two-way remotes
Dual shock sensors
Glass sensors
Ignition interruption

In order for the sophisticated technology of car alarms to work effectively, they need to be properly installed by an expert. The installation specialists at Mr. Kustom have decades of experience and can install any remote car alarm with precision and efficiency. We want to put our expertise and experience to work for you to make sure your investment in a vehicle or sleek car accessories are always protected. What are you waiting for? Don’t settle for a mediocre car alarm system–call Mr. Kustom today!

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