September Special For Auto Remote Starters..$199

Mr. Kustom Installs Remote Starters for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers and more..

Remote starters are a hot item on the automotive electronics market–and it’s not difficult to guess why! When you want to combine convenience with practicality, a remote starter from Mr. Kustom is the perfect accessory to get your vehicle through the tough Chicago winter.  And its never too early to get your ride ready! With a remote car starter, you’ll be able to turn on your vehicle’s engine from a distance, without ever coming within feet of the ignition, let alone having to put the key in.

Starting your vehicle with a remote car starter has several advantages. If you’ve ever had to climb into the freezing interior of a car that’s been in subzero temps in the cold Illinois elements, you know what it’s like to wish your car could warm up instantly. At Mr. Kustom, we share your distress. We offer a full line of remote starters so you’ll be able to start your vehicle several minutes before you even open the door.  By the time you snap into your seatbelt, you will be as warm as you were inside the heated building you just left! As well as preserving a comfortable temperature for your car’s interior, a remote starter is very beneficial to the performance of your engine. When turning your vehicle’s engine on a few minutes before you start to drive, it ensures that the engine is properly warmed up before it starts working hard. In doing this, you can and will seriously decrease the amount of wear and tear on your engine, thus extending its lifespan!

Whether you have decided to purchase a remote starter as a stand-alone measure of convenience, or it is included in a complete car alarm package, it requires professional installation in order to work effectively. At Mr. Kustom, our specialists guide you through the selection process to ensure the right match for your vehicle and preferences, and then install it competently.

It is imperative to keep in mind the special safety considerations with the use of a car starter, mainly that the vehicle will be running without anyone inside. Remote starters come with security features that reduce risk, but having an expert installation to ensure the proper safeties are installed is crucial. At Mr. Kustom, we have the expertise you can rely on for automatic car starter installation done right!

If you’re ready for the convenience and security that can only come with a remote starter, visit Mr. Kustom today to check out your options.

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