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Car Alarm Installation in Chicago

A car alarm is a device that is installed into your vehicle to protect either the vehicle or the contents inside. Car alarms produce a high pitch sound that warns the vehicle’s owner or other people around.

Car Alarm Installation in Chicago

Mr. Kustom installs only the best in the car alarm industry! Viper & Avital are the 2 brands of car alarms we carry. The state-of-the-art car alarm Security system will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including features like shock sensors, six-tone siren and Failsafe Starter Kill. You also have the option of controlling and receiving alerts to your smartphone device. Yes, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to communicate with the vehicle.

Car Alarm Installation in Chicago

History Of The Car Alarm

An early version of a car alarm for use as a theft deterrent was invented by an unknown prisoner from Denver in 1913.This version was manually armed, and triggered when someone tried to crank the engine. A later alarm inspired by an early version of a remote starter was published in 1916. This version had the car owner carry a receiver, which would buzz if the car ignition system was tampered with.

If you’re interested in a car alarm installed in your vehicle, contact Mr. Kustom in Chicago and speak to any of our specialists.

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