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Car Tuning Shops Chicago

Car Tuning can have your vehicle produce more power, better handling, better fuel economy and much more! Mr. Kustom offers car tuning and all performance upgrades for any vehicle.

Car Tuning Installation Shops in Chicago

When it comes to car tuning in the Chicago area, Mr. Kustom is the leading car tuning & performance shop! Car tuning focuses on tuning an engine for motorsport, although many such automobiles never compete but rather are built for show or leisure driving. In this context, the power output, torque, and responsiveness of the engine are of premium importance, but reliability and fuel efficiency are also relevant. In races, the engine must be strong enough to withstand the additional stress placed upon it, and so is often far stronger than any mass-produced design on which it may be based, and also that the automobile must carry sufficient fuel. In particular, the transmission, driveshaft and any other load-transmitting powertrain components may need to be modified in order to withstand the load from the increased power.

Car Tuning Shops Chicago

History Of Car Tuning & Performance

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The Igniscope used a cathode ray tube, giving an entirely visual method of diagnosis. It was invented by D. Napier & Son Ltd., a subsidiary of English Electric. The Igniscope was capable of diagnosing latent and actual faults in both coil and magneto ignition systems, including poor battery supply bonding, points and condenser problems, distributor failure and spark plug gap.One feature was a “loading” control which made latent faults more visible.

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