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Looking To Buy LED Door Projector Logo Lights?

LED Door Projector Logo Lights

Looking to buy LED Door Projector Logo Lights for your car or truck? Mr. Kustom now offers LED Door Projector Logo Lights in many different logos and can make your own logo that you want!What are LED Door Projector Logo Lights?

The Led Door Projector Lights is specially designed for the auto enthusiast, and with the purpose of adding more flare to your vehicle. The door projector logo of your choice will be displayed on the ground when you open the door, and it will turn off when you close the door.

LED Door Projector Logo Lights

Mr. Kustom’s LED Car Door Projector Lights are made with the latest technology in LED Lighting. Our LED Door Projector Logo Lights use USA Cree Chips which is classified as a very high quality LED with color temperatures that give a larger range. Our Door Projector Lights come in a range of 2650 – 3200K instead of the standard 2700-3000K.

These Door Projector Lights even work for many other applications and not just for your vehicles doors. Besides being able to be mounted anywhere else, they are shockproof and waterproof as well!

If you’re looking for a custom logo door projector light, we can do it! If you would like more information on custom door projector lights, please click here to speak to one of our specialist.

If you’re interested in purchasing these Custom LED Door Projector Logo Lights, Click HERE

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