Smoked Headlights or Smoked Tail Lights

2010 Porsche Panamera Smoked Headlight Are you looking for Smoked Headlights or Smoked Tail Lights? Look no further! Mr. Kustom in Chicago has been smoking headlights and tail lights for many, many years and has the experience of giving you quality work at reasonable prices. Most people steer towards putting the film on their headlights or tail lights. That is a “No-No” in our book. Our Smoked Headlights or Smoked Tail Lights are one of a kind. We don’t use anything out of a can that can be purchased in any store. Reason being that it can peel and scratch off easily, plus it can’t handle the elements of the road and weather that well. The next “No-No” is using the film which eventually peels and can come off in the harsh everyday conditions.

2010 Porsche Panamera Smoked Headlights

Buy Soma Online Cod Fedex Mr. Kustom’s method of smoking headlights or tail lights consist of a 4 stage process giving you a longtime application. The 1st stage of Smoked Headlights or Smoked Tail lights is that the lights are removed from the vehicle and buffed out for a smooth surface. Stage 2 procedure is applying the chemicals to smoke your headlights or tail lights to whatever shade your desire. The 3rd stage is buffing and reapplying another coat to give the smoked headlights or smoked tail lights a even and durable coat. The final and last stage is drying and curing process.

Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk 2010 Porsche Panamera Smoked Tail Lights If you’re looking to smoke your headlights or tail lights, please call 773-583-3770 and speak to one of our specialists today and have your vehicle looking in pristine condition and adding protection to your lights. See complete gallery of this Porsche Panamera Smoked Headlights and Smoked Tail Lights by clicking HERE. Click here to visit us on Facebook


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