Towing Torque

Here comes summer and nothing is going to stop you from trekking  the great wide open with your favorite toy in tow. Whether you are lake hopping  or hitting Route 66 with your camper, let Mr. Kustom get you fully equipped  with all the gear you need to tow powerfully and more importantly, tow safely.

The central component in your arsenal of towing accessories  is the trusty trailer hitch. It is the friendly apparatus that bonds your rig’s  rear end and whatever toy you are hauling. So you can see why it is so  important to get a hitch with enough backbone to get the job done and get it  done right. Whether it is a basic or a hefty hitch, we have what you need. And,  to add some flare to your vehicle, hitch covers add a touch of personalized  style when you’re not towing.

Now, once the hitch is in, riddle yourself this: do you have  enough muscle to haul your goods? Towing takes a hefty stable of horses and as  well as a ton of torque and the easiest way to increase your hill-climbing  muscle is with performance chips. These ingenious little things like Superchips  and Bully Dog chips will unlock your vehicle’s true potential, and have special  towing modes optimized for hauling tonnage leaving others in your wake.

If you have been cruising your toy hauler for a while, you  know the more oomph your engine has, the more spent fumes it emanates. In order  to keep your baby running at peak efficiency, performance exhaust systems are a  must. Much different than average stock pipes, custom exhaust systems are  expertly designed to ensure maximum flow, dramatically reducing backpressure  for extra vigor and will save you some money at the tank. Moreover, you can  pick and choose between a host of world-renowned brands, like Gibson, Corsa,  Borla and Flowmaster to name a few.

While you are letting Mr. Kustom deck out your rig for  towing, it’s the perfect time to boost its load-holding capacity by installing  roof rack. These sturdy platforms serve as the perfect complement to your  hauler by allowing you to mount and include your smaller toys such as bikes,  skis, tents and cargo carriers. For the extreme outdoor enthusiast, bolting on  a set of nerf bars along with the rack gives you easy access to your freight.

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