Want To Keep Your Vehicle In The Spotlight?

In the past, the luxury car market has driven the demand for LED lights. High-end car manufactures offered LED’s in their upper end models in an attempt to attract customers, and make the sale. LED’s were a symbol of an expensive car and a feature most of us didn’t have. But these days, they can be an aftermarket purchase to give your ride a 2011 feel. A one-time luxury has become an everyday investment, one that encompasses good quality accompanied by refined taste.

Now for the question most people will ask… How do these lights help prevent accidents?  Well, upgraded lighting not only adds style and uniqueness, but fortunately provides safer driving conditions. A mere change to Light Emitting Diodes, will help you see and be seen when you travel anytime day or night. From windshield wiper lights to flashy headlight strips to under car kits, LEDs attract attention. Light strips can also be a stylish and effective way to add a third tail light to your vehicle. They are attached to the bottom of the tailgate on or anywhere you can think of and provide superior lighting and braking performance for drivers behind you. On top of being easier to see at night, the LED brake light is illuminated during the day. This is especially important when you are stuck in Chicago traffic and the driver tailing you is paying more attention to their iphone than the road.

So now you want to add LED lights to your car, but the complex installation has you overwhelmed.  Let Mr. Kustom take care of that, our team of experts will have your car in and out in no time. Whether you want a clean, sleek look or a downright show stopper, our line of projector headlights, tail lights and everything in between will leave you satisfied. LEDs are the easiest and a cost effective ways to add some flair and head turning style to your car. Check out what we have for your ride

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